Roku 3

Fast, powerful video streaming device featuring a full suite of programming. Set up your Roku 3 on the VPN, and register for the country of your choice. Please check out for a full list…

Roku Streaming Stick

Convenient and small, this device provides all the benefits of Roku streaming but plugs directly into your television. Requires HDMI television. Please check out for a full list of…

HDMI Cable

Don’t forget the cable! Get the best quality streaming through your Roku with this HDMI cable.

Ethernet Cable

Don’t forget the cable! While most users won’t need this extra cable, if you are setting up a router for the first time on your network you may need this.

European Power Pack

All products include standard American style plugs. Additionally, while routers are dual voltage the Roku 3 is set to American voltage only. If you need an alternate plug style or 220 voltage on the…

D-Link DAP-1320 Compact Wi-Fi Range Extender

To cover a wide area that can’t be reached by a single router signal, add this range extender. It duplicates and extends the same wireless connection to reach even further.

VPN Accelerator

If you want to get the absolute most out of your network setup, this speed-focused product is for you. 


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