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  • Gemakkelijk om VPN op uw apparaat te installeren-Let op TV u houdt van
  • Snelle & betrouwbare service ondersteund op 120 servers
  • Alle apparaten in uw huishouden met slechts één abonnement
  • Onovertroffen klantenservice
  • P2P beschikbaar
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Both the staff I spoke to were extremely helpful and informative. A definite A++++ for customer service. Regards John

The agent was excellent but now the problem has occurred again !! It s very frustrating!! I need your assistance again I ve managed now to fix it ...

I have been with your company now and have been very satisfied with what I wanted from you BUT! I live in Germany am 90 years old and watching my favo...

Your feedback is always very quick and helpful. Not sure I want to double my subscription to be able to use your VPN on my Mac Book Air so haven t don...

Very good response , resolved quickly once I had worked out how to make contact

Very prompt and helpful

Very quick reply to my first question, got no reply on how to set it up on android

I am not able to sign in, still waiting for an answer. No service for two days

Very helpful - thank you

I just re-installed the program, following the clean-up and reinstallation instructions from Milica. It went through cleanly. The e-mail communicati...

Precise answer and very quick response.

It may still be a bit of an ongoing issue but I have received good help on a development that is well outside my area of knowledge. Thanks to a couple...

Problem solved thanks


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