Partnership with InvizBox

Exciting details of our partnership with Invizbox

Use your existing My Expat Network subscription as a simple ‘plug and play’ solution to connect all of your internet devices and your smart TV to the InvizBox VPN home network.

No need for any technical set up. Your InvizBox arrives ready to go. 

Be up and running in minutes.

Get your Invizbox for our special introductory price:

$129 $119 (US or Worldwide)

€129 €119 (Europe)

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Unmatched Features

  • Easily connect your Smart TV or any other device to your existing My Expat Network subscription
  • Nothing to install, just plug and play
  • Access BBC iPlayer as if you were in the UK
  • Watch all UK online TV
  • Bring patented VPN protection to every device in your home. Just connect over your InvizBox WiFi network
  • Parental controls - Create a separate WiFi hotspot for your kids. Set time limits for their devices and block inappropriate sites.
  • Multiple VPN Hotspots - Want your Smart TV connected to the UK but your phone connected to the US at the same time ? No problem!
  • Super fast - Quad core processor allowing you to reach over 100Mbps download speed (internet connection allowing)
  • Ad blocking
  • Automatic security upgrades and feature updates
  • InvizBox 2 redefines what privacy routers can do
  • Open Source firmware

Hardware specs:

  • Quad core processor, 8GB flash, dual band WiFi, Gigabit ethernet

Buy your Invizbox Now


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Supported Systems

Whatever device you use to surf the web, My Expat Network VPN has the best VPN software to support it.

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