VPN for Wifi Router - Home Network

VPN and Wifi Router - a complete home network VPN solution.

Want to watch your favourite programmes seamlessly on your TV or view your games console?


how to use vpn on a wifi router

You can still install the My Expat Network app on your PC/Mac, tablet or mobile to enjoy our service without a VPN router.

Follow these 3 easy steps on how to extend your VPN to your whole household

Sign up to My Expat Network

So simple & easy

Get My Expat Network VPN

Choose and buy an Invizbox VPN router

Everything you need

GET invizbox vpn Router

Use your login credentials to configure your VPN router on delivery

Start enjoying a seamless home networking experience!

Start Enjoying A VPN Home Network

Router Shop - All devices connected panel

VPN support for all devices

All devices connected to the VPN Router will have a VPN connection regardless of whether they support VPN eg. Roku Streamer doesn’t itself support VPN.

Router Shop - Your whole household

Watch geo restricted content anywhere

Your whole household will be able to access secure and private, geo restricted content eg. The BBC with a UK VPN from anywhere in the world.

Router Shop - You only pay for one connection

One connection for all devices

You only pay for one connection, but get all devices connected within the same household.

Router Shop - Our VPN routers

High spec VPN routers

Our VPN routers are a very high specification and will increase the speed, range and streaming quality within your household.


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